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Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter

Demon Hunters are the ranged artists of the Diablo 3 hells. The best way to meet a demon hunter and walk away with your life is to stay close… Demon Hunters have been known to make quick work of those that ran away. Armed with any form of ranged weaponry is the way the Demon Hunters feel the most at home. Arrows, cross bows, javelins, it’s all the same; unless you are unlucky enough to step into one of the Demon Hunters infamous and dangerous traps.


The best way to succeed with a demon hunter is to focus on kiting your enemies and keep as much distance between them and you. By using slows, aoe attacks, and mostly ranged style attacks, you should have an easy time avoiding all of the slews of enemies in the grinding phase and when questing in dungeons. Arm yourself with as high damage and attack speed weapons as you can find, as you want to be able to land as many hits as possible in between kiting. Imagine forcing your enemies to chase you and hitting them with everything you got in the meantime. If they ever get close, drop a trap and create as much distance as you can.
Once an enemy catches you its best to soak the first hit and force him to waste abilities in his chase to get you on his follow up hit which can be more devastating than the first due to on-hit effects and other detrimental problems to your Demon Hunter’s health.
The first two Diablo 3 Demon Hunter skills include: [see the whole list]

Hungering Arrow [primary]

Generate: 3 Hatred

115% Damage

35% Piercing


Impale [secondary]

Cost: 25 Hatred

250% Weapon Damage

Stay tuned, more classes coming soon!

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